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Long Term Disability Appeals

An illness or injury that leads to long term disability can substantially affect the financial capability of any struggling family, most especially if the injured or ill worker’s application for benefits has been denied or awarded a minimal amount by insurance providers. And, though, in most states, providing workers’ compensation benefits to workers is mandatory to certain employers, this is never an indication that these same employers will approve their injured employee’s intent to file a claim. Besides the discovery of fraudulent claims in the past, wherein employees were found to fake disability or illness for financial gains, many employers have become biased in treating claims since they consider most injuries as not serious or valid. This is especially true concerning injuries that are caused by inexplicable pain, such as back pain, which may be very hard to verify through x-rays, nerve conduction studies or other medical examinations. An employer’s refusal to support an employee’s claim, however, should never deter such employee in pursuing or appealing his/her claim. When filing a claim with the workers’ comp, the first step required is informing one’s employer about the injury or illness; this should be done within 30 – 45 days after the accident (which caused the injury) occurred or after the...