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The Still Lasting Effects of PCBs and their Connection to Monsanto

You can dodge a bullet and live; you can even get hit by a bullet and live if you can get it out fast enough. There are chances that you can survive a motor vehicle crash; there have even been survivors of things as catastrophic as plane crashes. But how do you defeat a villain that comes at you from the inside out – like a toxin that seeps into your system and then starts causing problems for your body? That is exactly what Polychlorinated Biphenyl Compounds (PCBs) do – and has been doing since the 1930s. It took the United States Congress almost 50 years to ban operations of the main plant responsible for the manufacturing of PBC-producing material, Monsanto, as the court ruling banning it only took place in 1979. Its effects are still widely felt today. In 2013, it was appointed by court ruling that a Missouri jury may be able to decide on whether the harmful chemicals caused a certain kind of cancer. There have been several links, studies, and legal claims that have attributed Monsanto PCBs with a certain kind of cancer. More specifically, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – a cancer that starts by attacking the body’s immune system, otherwise known as the body’s very first...