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Defective Tires

It is always important to practice caution when driving, as car accidents are a common occurrence. However, at times an accident can occur regardless of all parties involved practicing safe driving techniques. This often occurs when there is an issue with the vehicle itself that presents a problem to the driver. One of the most common occurrences of this is when a car’s tires turn out to be defective. This is one of the most inconvenient and dangerous occurrences for any driver. Common occurrences of dire defects include: tread separation, expired tires, conicity. Tread separation occurs when a radial tire suddenly loses its tread. This greatly increases the risk of a tire blow out. A tire blowout refers to a rapid pressure decrease in the remaining tire, and very often leads to a subsequent rollover accident. Expired tires occur when a tire becomes too old and worn to function correctly on a given vehicle. Studies indicate that tires expire after six years. These occurrences could be very dangerous and greatly increase the likelihood of an accident due to tire failure. Conicity refers to the occurrence when tire is shaped more like a cone than a cylinder, which is the desired shape. Tires do not develop conicity over time. Instead,...