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The Forum Selection Clause and the Statute of Limitations for Cruise Ship Accidents

Millions of people discover new exotic locations or treat their family and themselves to totally relaxing and exciting getaways every year on board the finest cruise liners in the US and around the world. A vacation boat itself, cruise ships feature some of the most terrific forms and entertainment and amenities, such as a planetarium, waterslides, aqua parks, an AquaDuck, which is the first-ever shipboard water coaster, real grass growths where guests can play golf, croquet or bocce, an ice bar, an 82 –foot zip line, rock climbing, awe-inspiring fireworks, spas, massages, treatments and facials. Adding to all these are the big discounts and perks offered by some cruise companies, making the vacation both cheap and really terrific . . . granted, of course, that no untoward incident happens, especially if such could have actually been prevented were it not for the cruise staff negligence. Cruise ship lines are always and fully responsible for the total safety of all passengers, from the moment these travelers board the ship until they would have disembarked at the end of the tour. This means safeguarding every corner on the ship from any reasonably potential hazards, acting and deciding quickly during emergencies and providing fast and accurate medical treatment when necessary. If standard...